26th April 2022 

Update #167 - Changes to household contacts. What does this mean for me? 

Good morning team PGMG

Update of COVID settings for household and close contacts

As you are aware there have been changes to the rules for household and close contacts of COVID 19 cases. The new rules came into effect at 6pm on Friday 22 April 2022. (There are no changes for positive cases, the 7 days isolation requirement remains in place.) You can view the text of the press release here. https://www.nsw.gov.au/media-releases/nsw-covid-update-april-2022

What are the changes?

Household and close contacts of a confirmed COVID-19 case without symptoms are no longer required to isolate. However, household and close contacts must follow the attached NSW Health Household and Close Contact Guidelines for 7 days from the last time someone in their household tested positive for COVID-19, or as otherwise directed by NSW Health if they are a close contact.

What does this mean for me at work?

  • Continue to let Stef, Simone or your Manager know as soon as a member of your household tests positive to COVID 19. We’ll give you clear directions as to what to do next.
  • The following rules will also apply to all Dealership staff and on-site contractors, who have not had confirmed COVID 19 within the past 12 weeks;
    • Household and close contacts will be allowed to work from home where practicable, and where agreed to by a Dealership Senior Manager.
    • Due to the varied nature of Dealership roles, Dealership Senior management will undertake a risk assessment before approving a household or close contact returning to work if they cannot work from home.
    • Any staff member identified as a household and/or close contact will be asked to do a rapid antigen test before they attend work, even if they don’t have symptoms. This will continue for a period of 7 days from the date of their first exposure to the COVID positive person in their household. It may be continued past 7 days from first exposure, if deemed appropriate. We can provide you with rapid antigen tests.
    • Household contacts, close contacts and high risk contacts attending the workplace must wear masks except while eating or drinking or where a mask could create a safety issue.
    • Household and close contacts are not to use shared facilities such as lunch rooms at the same time as other people.
    • Household and close contacts will, where possible, be allocated work that involves minimal interaction with other people and/or in well-ventilated areas or outdoors, where possible.
    • Household and close contacts will be encouraged to maintain a 1.5m physical distance from others at all times.
  • Dealership management continues to strongly encourage all employees, and onsite contractors, to receive a booster vaccination against COVID-19.

Any questions or need to let us know?

  • If you, or someone in your household, are diagnosed with COVID 19, please contact one of us, by phone, straight away. Do not come on site. We will do our best to help and support you and work to protect your colleagues.
  • For any questions, or if you need help, please feel free to reach out. Our contact details are below or email hr@philgilbert.com.au:
Name Contact Details
Stefani Saba

stefani.saba@philgilbert.com.au or 0407 028 247

Simone Gilbert

simone.gilbert@philgilbert.com.au or 0447 636 937

Matthew Higgins

matthew.higgins@philgilbert.com.au or 0400 992 509

Carl Lucas carl.lucas@philgilbert.com.au or 0431 503 527
Edwina Gilbert edwina.gilbert@philgilbert.com.au or 0418 218 303
Marijana Kikic marijana.kikic@philgilbert.com.au or 0437 409 887
Phil Kable

phil.kable@philgilbert.com.au or 0408 439 972