Using the Lifestyle Filters

We know many of our customers are looking for help when picking their next car and so we have targeted some common lifestyles and created a search tool to help you find the car that best fits your needs.

To learn what options we have available according to your lifestyle needs, click on the icon below, allowing you to view a variety of options. From there, you can check out the specifications and available features for each model.

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You've got to get your kids around town, and need space in the boot for all the gear from bags to prams! We can help.

Phil Gilbert Motor Group


Want to take in the sun, the snow, the seaside? Check out our options for playful drivers.


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Off Road 4x4

Whether you plan to prepare an expedition, take the family out for a weekend of off road fun or need a vehicle for continuous off road driving, you'll find a variety of options here.

Phil Gilbert Motor Group


Looking for a vehicle to travel to different worksites and carry bulky tools and equipment? We have lots of options to suit tradies and your requirements.

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First Car

Getting your first car is a big deal! There are so many factors to think about: price, safety, economy, running costs amongst others, and we can help.

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Green & Eco

Perhaps you're looking to save fuel, maybe you're looking to save the environment. Either way, we have choices.

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If you're after a top quality luxury car and something that is sure to turn heads, check out our options.

Phil Gilbert Motor Group


No matter what size your business, Phil Gilbert Motor Group has the vehicles to drive your business further. You take care of business, and we’ll take care of your fleet.